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Graphic Designer - Samantha Shepherd
is a current East Bay community college student focusing on a professional
career in graphic communications. She is also self-taught in fine arts which she
centers her artwork on portraits and real-life visuals. Samantha has the talent in
all aspects of creations and art, but her vision in the art world is graphic design
where she primarily focuses on media-type graphics and imaginative designs. She
can be reached at
is one of the newest photographers for Delta Living Magazine. She currently works
as a Realtor at WR Properties in Brentwood. Discovery Bay is where she calls
home and feels extremely fortunate to raise her family there. She’s been married
for over 11 years, and whether it is traveling to see exciting new things, cooking to
taste new foods, or just plain old relaxing, she’s always looking for something fun
to do. E-mail her at
has been a writer and editor for 24 years, most of them spent working for the
Brentwood News, Brentwood Press and Antioch Press. He now writes for Delta
Living and covers state politics for On the weekends he plays
piano with the Delta Jazz Trio at Scottie’s Shutters Brasserie restaurant, located
on Sunset Road and Elkins Way, in Brentwood. Reach him at Daveproberts@
is a freelance journalist, widely published in the East Bay. In the 1980’s, he
published, wrote for, edited, and went broke with Zeitgesit magazine. He writes
regularly about Livermore Valley wineries. He admires J.P. Donleavy, Vladimir
Nobokov and Joe Bob Briggs, the drive-in movie critic from Grapevine, Texas. He
is thrilled to be writing for Delta Living, through which he can be e-mailed.
Photographer - Jennifer Cordero
Writer- Dave Roberts
Writer - Harry Stoll
opened and operated Visual Productions Photography in Brentwood (full service
photography studio) from 2003 to 2010. He worked as a substitute teacher (K-12)
in the Oakley and Antioch School Districts from 2010 - 2011. In 2010 he opened
Steve’s Freelance Photography, which he currently operates out of his home in
Oakley. He specializes in wedding photography, family portraits, senior portraits,
commercial photography and head shots. E-mail him at
Christine’s passion for writing began as soon as she learned to use a pen, putting
her imagination to work as a young child. Her mother, an English and Spanish
professor, recognized her talent by hiring her as a TA while still in high school.
Currently a professor herself, Christine teaches psychology counseling. She may
be contacted at
Sam Bradley spent her career as a paramedic and educator. She is now transition-
ing to full time work as a writer, photographer and producer of EMS video. She is
the Training Officer for the Disaster Medical Assistance Team, CA-6, and functions
as an EMS training consultant for East Contra Costa Fire and Contra Costa Fire.
Photographer - Steve Nosanchuk
Copy Editor - Christine R. Santiago
Photographer/Copy Editor - Sam Bradley
Writer- Zack Kaldveer
is the Assistant Media Director for the Yes on Prop 37 campaign. He is also the
former Communications Director of the Consumer Federation of California, a
non-profit advocacy organization, and Editor of the California Progress Report, an
independent online journal that covers a wide range of vital public policy issues.
He can be reached at